Jule Bauer (Germany)

Vocal studies (main focus on medieval music) with Diane Severson and Franziska Schäfer-Vondru (Frankfurt). Master courses in singing with Cornelius Reid and Carol Baggott-Forte at Dr. Hoch's conservatory of music (Frankfurt) and with Montserrat Figueras at the academy of music Trossingen. Study of nyckelharpa at the Scuola di Musica Popolare di Forlimpopoli (Italy). First graduate of the "European Nyckelharpa Training”. Study of musicology and music pedagogy at the J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main.

Since 1995 she has been performing international concerts and recordings with the ensembles Helut, Sava, Triskilian, Asfur and Oni Wytars. Since 2003 she has been teaching at different courses for early music (medieval music), traditional music and world music. Since 2009 teacher for nyckelharpa at the Academy Burg Fürsteneck (Germany) and the Scuola di Musica Popolare di Forlimpopoli (Italy).


Gesangsausbildung mit Schwerpunkt "alte Musik" u. a. bei Diane Severson und Franziska Schäfer-Vondru (Frankfurt). Meisterkurse bei Cornelius Reid und Carol Baggott-Forte am Dr Hoch´s Konservatorium (Frankfurt) und bei Montserrat Figueras an der Musikhochschule Trossingen. Studium der Nyckelharpa an der Scuola di musica popolare in Forlimpopoli (Italien). Erste Absolventin des "Europäischen Nyckelharpa Fortbildung". Studium der Musikwissenschaft und Musikpädagogik an der J. W. Goethe Universität (Frankfurt).

Seit 1995 internationale Konzerte und Aufnahmen mit verschiedenen Ensembles für Alte Musik, Folk- und Weltmusik. (Triskilian, Asfur, Helut, Sava, Oni Wytars). Seit 2003 Lehrtätigkeit für Gesang und Nyckelharpa bei verschiedenen Kursen für alte Musik und Weltmusik. Seit 2009 Dozentin für Nyckelharpa an der Akademie Burg Fürsteneck und der Scuola di Musica Popolare di Forlimpopoli (Italien).


Jule Bauer (Germany), singer (altus), Nyckelharpa player and teacher and lecturer

Article in the CADENCE project

Self-Learning by the Example of Nyckelharpa

by Jule Bauer


The confrontation with and the understanding of self-learning is really important for nyckelharpa players, especially outside of Sweden where there are only a few teachers for this instrument. More and more adults and older adolescents start learning to play the nyckelharpa by themselves.This article reflects on self-learning in the field of learning culture, shows different models of self-directed learning and discusses the teaching and learning situation for nyckelharpa players.

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Sheet music
La rosa enflorece

Arrangement: Jule Bauer

La rosa enflorece is a Sephardic romance. These romances traditionally were sung by women. In Spain as early as the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance the romance or ballad was a very popular song-form. It originally survived as a folk song handed down in verbal form and was introduced to the Spanish court only towards the end of the 15th century. This song is one of the most famous Sephardic romances, it is handed down in Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Libya, Jerusalem. It is an excellent example for the tonal modal system, it is written in the mode "hijaz”. In this version it is an example how a nyckelharpa ensemble accompanied the solo voice of Jule Bauer in an improvised way.

Download sheet music "La rose enflorece"

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