Ute Überreiter (Germany)

Ute Überreiter (vocals, nyckelharpa, flutes) founded the group Lalicate in 2007 and thus fulfilled the wish for a formation that focuses on polyphonic singing. In the folk band Extra Drai she has also been playing the hurdy-gurdy, violin and flutes for many years and has performed well over 100 times with this group in Germany, Italy and France. At the end of 2004 she discovered the nyckelharpa (also known as a key fiddle) and took part in master classes in Sweden, at Burg Fürsteneck and at the University of Bologna. She is a member of the first German Nyckelharpa Orchestra and a sought-after guest musician with other early music and folk ensembles.


Uta Überreiter, German nyckelharpa teacher

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