Prof. Dr. Sven Ahlbäck (Sweden)

Riksspelman, fiddle player, researcher, composer.

Professor in Swedish folk music at the Royal Collage for Music in Stockholm (Kungl. Musikhögskolan i Stockholm, KMH)

Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.äck

Sven Ahlbäck, teacher, lecturer and musician at Royal Academie Stockholm

Guest article in the CADENCE project


Folkmusicinstitutionen på Kungliga Musikhögskolan i Stockholm – Hur blev det på detta viset? – En personlig tillbakablick på 30 år av folkmusikutbildning

Das Institut für Volksmusik an der Königlichen Musikhochschule Stockholm – Wie wurde es zu dem, was es heute ist? – Ein persönlicher Rückblick auf 30 Jahre Volksmusikausbildung an der KMH

by Sven Ahlbäck


"The Institut for folk music at the Royal Academy for Music in Stockholm – How it became what it is today? – A personal review to 30 years of education in folk music at the KMH"

Svens Ahlbäck describes the history of the first academical folk music training in the world - from the very beginning until the anniversary 2006.

Over time, new courses in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Great Britain, Ireland and Estonia have been added, which were partly inspired by our Nordic exchange. Also already existing courses have evolved. Outside the Nordic countries there are no academic training programs with similar orientation, width and quality.

This article was first published 2006 in the honorary publication "1976-2006 - 30 ÅR MED FOLKMISIK PÅ KMH”, edited by the KUNGL. MUSIKHÖGSKOLAN.

CADENCE says thanks Sven Ahlbäck for the permission to publish it here. We had a conference about this subject with Sven Ahlbäck and Ole Hjorth in Tobo, January 2010.

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