Susanne Brameshuber (Austria)

Elementary music teacher (EMP), a musician for nyckelharpa, teaching at several music schools in the province of Upper Austria and in adult education (training for nursery school pedagogues) in the subject EMP. Susanne Brameshuber is graduate of the European Nyckelharpa Training. Susanne Brameshuber (Austria) Nyckelharpa payer and teacher

Guest article in the CADENCE project


Using the nyckelharpa as a bowed string instrument in rudimentary music education

by Susanne Brameshuber


Teaching music at the pre-school and primary-school levels involving children aged 4 to 8 offers them a platform to gain experience in the areas of music and dance. The Orff instrument plays a decisive role, among other things, due to its easy handling. Using the nyckelharpa in music education creates new and interesting possibilities.

How can the nyckelharpa as such be integrated in music education? Why use the nyckelharpa and not another bowed string instrument? What is a children’s nyckelharpa? How do children respond to the interaction with this instrument? Which methods and possibilities exist to playfully use this instrument? Is the nyckelharpa an ideal complement to rudimentary music education?

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