Ole Hjorth (Sweden)

Ole Hjorth, born 1930 in Viksta parish, Uppland, died 2021 in Enskede district, Stockholm, was a Swedish fiddler and violinist with Hjort Anders Olsson as teacher. The parents were the sculptor Bror Hjorth from Dalboda and Tove Louise Friis in Kambo. During the 1970s, he was a soloist, vocalist and member of the group Mr. T. and his fiddlers. Hjorth took the initiative for the folk music education at Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, which after a while led to folk music there getting its own line of education – the education was mainly aimed at fiddlers being able to work as violin teachers at municipal music schools. During his time at Stockholm's municipal music school (later cultural school) Ole Hjorth was a pioneer in classroom teaching, based on the educator Sheila Nelson from London.


Ole Hjorth, violinist and pedagoge in Sweden

Guest article in the CADENCE project


How it All Started with Swedish Folk Music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH)

A Personal Retrospect – by Ole Hjorth

Ole Hjorth was responsible for the creation of the folk music educations at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Here is his retrospective. – We had in the CADENCE project a conference about this subject with Ole Hjorth and Sven Ahlbäck in Tobo, January 2010.

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