Josefina Paulson (Sweden)

Nyckelharpist, Lic Mental trainer and yoga instructor.

A modern musican with tradition, where the keyed fiddle sounds like nyckelharpa and brings an earthy taste into genres other than the traditional music. Josefina Paulson embraces the instrument’s many possibilities, from the roots of the Uppland tradition, to its large crown of new influences from other cultures. A musician standing grounded in her own tradition, exploring new territory.

In Delsbo in 2008, Josefina was awarded the title ”riksspelman” (national folk musican) by the Zorn Jury with the motivation ”for playing the nyckelharpa lively and skillful, in the tradition of Uppland” In Västmanland, in 2009 she received the Cultural Award from VLT on the ground ”Josefina IS music” At the moment Josefina is studying at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, bachelor in music, with the keyed fiddle as main instrument.

Josefina Paulson, Swedish musician, Nyckelharpa player and teacher

Article in the CADENCE project


Body, Instrument and Swing, one Unit

by Josefina Paulson



  • When the music is moving
  • When movement is music
  • Where the beat becomes an impulse to dance
  • Where every note is a word in a story

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Music in CADENCE concert

Vals efter Futteri Petter – trad. Sweden – arr. Josefina Paulson & David Eriksson Video

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