Johannes Mayr (Germany)

As a child, Johannes Mayr had instrumental lessons (piano, double bass, organ), participated in the choir and orchestra, and was the bass player in his first folk band. He played in particular the Bavarian-Swabian music (parlor music, folk dance circle). Then he learned by himself accordion, and was a member of an Irish folk band. At times he played the hurdy-gurdy and bagpipes.

After an apprenticeship as a carpenter, he worked for several years in organ building and from 1990 to 1991 in hurdy-gurdy building (Karl Riedel, Helmut Gotschy).

Since 1993 he has concentrated completely on music, has played with Hölderlin Express (free folk), Lynch The Box and DÁN (Irish folk), since 2005 with La Marmotte and since 2008 with Cassard and in the Duo Bordunrot, since 2013 in the Trio Larsson/ Mayr (SE-DE, Nordic music).

He came relatively late to the nyckelharpa. The initial spark was a nyckelharpa given to him by a family friend from Sweden: in 2007 he began the European nyckelharpa training course at Burg Fürsteneck (Hesse). In 18 three-day course blocks spread over 3 years, He learned many facets of playing the nyckelharpa from 4 different teachers (M. Ambrosini, Didier François, Ditte Anderson, Annette Osann).

During this time, the enthusiasm for instrument making came back. In autumn 2012 he started his own workshop for nyckelharpa making in Sörth near Altenkirchen (Westerwald). In addition to working as an instrument maker and musician, he is  giving courses in nyckelharpa, accordion and ensemble playing.

Johannes Mayr, manufaktorer and builder of nyckelharpas in Germany

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