Jean Claude Canonne (France)

Jean Claude Canonne, learned piano at the age of 4 to 6 years, violin up to the age of 15 and during 10 years classical guitar as an autodidact (Fernando Sor method), though with limited time for music - only after his professional activities (35 years as physiotherapist). But he always was interested to play traditional musical instruments as small pipes, hurdy-gurdy, Hungarian zither. Once retired, he visited the exhibition at the "Rencontre des luthiers et maîtres sonneurs” at St Chartier and discovered the nyckelharpa with Jean Claude Condi. He developed a total enthusiasm for this instrument and decided to play classical and baroque music. Jean Claude is a music-lover, no diplomas, no music CD but simply with the pleasure to play music.


ENCORE Composition

Nyckelordi – Video

Jean Claude Canonne, musician and Nyckelharpa player in France

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