Caroline Eriksson (Sweden)

Caroline Eriksson, from Trosa, Sweden holds a BA in Swedish folkmusic from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. During the fall of 2013, Caroline will supplement her academic studies in order to receive teaching credentials in music at the very same institution. Caroline's previous academic endeavours include studies at the Music Conservatory in Falun, the Eric Sahlström Institute in Tobo, the Folk Music Adult Education College in Malung and the Music Art School in Nyköping. She is performing Swedish folk music and pop/soul on nyckelharpa and violin in several musical constellations. Caroline is often hired as a musician at public events such as The Right Livelihood Award and the opening of the Swedish Parliament as well as for touring abroad with concerts and playing for dance, weddings and funerals. In 2008, Caroline received the title of riksspelman, or "National Folk Musician" of Sweden. It is a generally recognized badge of mastery for Swedish folk musicians.

Caroline Eriksson, Nyckelharpa player and teacher in Sweden

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