Annette Osann (Germany / France)

She studied violin making in Mittenwald and Hamburg. Since 1998 she has concentrated on nyckelharpa making and developed a personal nyckelharpa model since 2001. She is working in her own workshop. Annette also performs as a soloist on nyckelharpa in in "Duo Arcangelo" with Juliette Thiebergien and "Arcangelo en trio" with Juliette and Perrine Thiebergien. She teaches nyckelharpa playing at Burg FürsteneckK and Scuola di Musica Popolare di Forlimpopoli Conservatoire interdépartemental des deux vallées (Paris). She not only teaches playing technique, but also the basics of instrument making and instrument care.

Annette Osann is teacher in the European Nyckelharpa Training.

Annette Osann, Nyckelharpa builder in France

Article in the CADENCE project


Care and maintenance of the nyckelharpa

by Annette Osann


Nyckelharpa players should be acquainted with their instrument – in particular with the construction of the keyboard and with sound optimisation. Based on many years of experience in building and teaching the nyckelharpa and of the adjustments required for playing, Annette Osann shows in her article as completely as possible what can be done to care for and maintain the nyckelharpa.

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