Visits - Mobilities of the CADENCE project

The “Grundtvig learning partnership” focuses on the mobilities of the participants. We centred our partnership to the meetings of the whole CADENCE study group in the three participating institutes.

We decided to travel to Sweden first because of the feeling of several hundred years of nyckelharpa tradition you can get there. We went to Tobo in January as the Swedish winter is the most remarkable season for the visitors from the south of Europe.

Next we went to Italy as it seemed the best place to deal with medieval music and its connection to local popular music. We travelled in June hoping for lovely Italian weather, though it was raining the first days.

For the third and last time we met in Germany in “Golden October” where we studied contemporary music and had the opportunity to meet a lot of other nyckelharpa players during the “International Days of the Nyckelharpa”.