Marco Ambrosini (Italy/Germany)

Marco Ambrosini was born in Forli, Italy, and lives now in Hatzfeld, Germany.
He studied violin and viola, music theory, music history and composition in Ancona and Pesaro. 1982, he founded the ensemble "Oni Wytars" together with Peter Rabanser, and 1991 together with Katharina Dustmann the "Katharco Consort". He is composer and performs as a soloist in many international ensembles for early and contemporary music all over the world.

Marco Ambrosini is considered one of the pioneers in the rediscovery of the nyckelharpa (key fiddle) outside Sweden and of its use in different styles of music outside the Swedish nyckelharpa tradition.He discovered the nyckelharpa in the 80s. He fell in love with it and made it his main instrument. Currently he just finished a book of daily exercises for nyckelharpa players.

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