Didier François

Didier François studied violin with Myriam Quersin (successor of Arthur Grumiaux), Brussels, composition with Daan Manneke, Amsterdam, jazz with Philip Catherine. He workes as musician with violin and nyckelharpa amongst others together with Stefane Grappelli, Gabriel Yacoub, Gilles Chabenat, Renaud Garcia-Fons. He is composer for ballet, film, theater and for his various projects with his ensemble. Today Didier François is also specialized in polyphonic playing of solo nyckelharpa. 

Twenty years ago he started a new way of holding the nyckelharpa and he created an original technique to play in a relaxing way. He plays lots of different music stiles outside the folk tradition. Currently he is writing a book "How to Play Nyckelharpa in a Polyphonic Way".  Didier François is also sculptor.

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