Annette Osann

Annette Osann is trained as a professional violin maker in Mittenwald and Hamburg, since 1998, specializing in building nyckelharpas, working in her own workshop.
After various ensemble activities for old and traditional music as a cellist and nyckelharpa player she now uses the nyckelharpa mainly in Baroque music. Since many years she teaches nyckelharpa and holds seminars together with Baroque violinists such as Frédéric Martin and Chiara Banchini. 2005, she founded the Duo Arcangelo with Juliette Thiebergien (baroque cello), and since 2007, the trio Arcangelo with Perrine Thiebergien (baroque violin, nyckelharpa). Since 2009, she plays chamber music together with Elise Rollin (organ).
At the moment she is writing a book about maintenance and repair of nyckelharpas.

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