Academy BURG FÜRSTENECK, Eiterfeld, Germany

The “Academy BURG FÜRSTENECK” in Germany, Eiterfeld (district of Fulda), was founded in 1952 as an institute for adult education. The medieval castle, first mentioned in 1309 and well conserved, was reconstructed for this new use by Otto Bartning, a famous German architect. In 2004 the interior was modernized again. The management of the institution is formed by an association as a “round table” of various social institutions. BURG FÜRSTENECK is financed by the fees of its students and subsidised by the German State of Hesse.
The academy offers a very broad range of vocational courses and cultural education. The concept of education is holistically in the combination of professional, social/political and cultural education. Music is one key aspect of the activities. Participants come from all over Germany and for some courses even from abroad. The courses are always full board residential at the medieval castle and last from two days to two weeks. Each year about 3500 participants are registered to one of about 200 seminars.
Concerning nyckelharpa teaching Academy BURG FÜRSTENECK currently offers the “International Days of the Nyckelharpa” each October, the on-going “European Nyckelharpa Training” and one workshop during the “Bordunale” at the begin of each year. Nyckelharpa players are also very welcome in many ensemble workshops throughout the year.


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