Cultural ADult Education and Nyckelharpa Cooperation in Europe -

Teaching music to adults with special emphasis on the nyckelharpa (key fiddle)

Welcome to the European CADENCE project.
This project has been a "Learning Partnership", that has been funded with support from the European Commission by the "Lifelong Learning Programme - Grundtvig".
The CADENCE-partnership was established by three educational institutions in Germany, Italy and Sweden, related by their offer of
            • cultural and musical education for adults
            • folk music and dance as a medium of cultural identity and
            • teaching the medieval/Swedish musical instrument "nyckelharpa" (key fiddle).
The objectives of the partnership are to search for subjects, didactic methods and management of cultural education for adult learners with an emphasis on musical education and specially on teaching the musical instrument "nyckelharpa". The project started August 2009 and will end July 2011.
The cooperating partners are

More details about the project you can find in the summery.

The CADENCE project was honoured as an example of "good praxis" of a Grundtvig learning partnership. See here.

CADENCE Brochure
(80 pages)
 CADENCE e-Book (420 pages)
CADENCE audio CD (66 min)
 M. Ambrosini: Daily exercises  Jule Bauer: Playing Nyckelharpa


CADENCE - Nyckelharpa - Concert at BURG FÜRSTENECK, Germany, 9 October 2010

This concert has been recorded and broadcasted January 23, 2011 by the German radio "Deutschlandfunk"

Download Poster   Download Programme of the concert   Download Playlist of broadcast     Audio CD of this concert: Publications