Composers and their compositions for the ENCORE project

Andreas Wiebecke-Gottstein

  • "La misma pena"

  • "J'attends"

      Andreas Wiebecke-Gottstein, studied double bass in Frankfurt a. M. Since 1992, he is the first double bass player in the "Neubrandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra". Arranging and writing music for double bass he founded the "PRObass Musikverlag", publisher for double bass music. He started to learn nyckelharpa at the International Days of the Nyckelharpa 2011. Immediately thereafter, he enrolled for the European Nyckelharpa Training, which he continues to this day.

Angela Ambrosini

  • "EZHBE"

      Angela Ambrosini, 13 years old schoolgirl, is the first pupil in a German secondary school participating in a string class with the nyckelharpa. Since 2012, she is participant in the European Nyckelharpa Training in Italy. Angela started with music education for young children at the age of two and a half. Since 2006, she is learning piano.

Boris Koller

  • Hälleforsnäsarn

  • Köpevalsen

  • Necken

      Boris Koller, is as a composer of classical music living in Vienna. Currently he is writing a large-scale opera „Tvillingene fra Island“. On stage he can be heard with „Poeta Magica“ and „Kauna“. He plays different nyckelharpas with quatertones. He is also a painter, specializing in Scandinavian landscape.

Deborah Greenblatt

  • Supen

      Deborah Greenblatt, has been teaching, performing, composing, recording, and writing professionally since 1971. She received her degree in violin performance from Boston University School of Fine Arts in 1973. She is an approved Master Artist with the Nebraska Arts Council’s Artist-in-the-Schools/Communities Program and performs with her husband,  (Greenblatt & Seay), The Greenblatt String Trio and is the Co-Concert Master of the Hastings Symphony in Hastings, Nebraska. Deborah was the first woman to win the Nebraska State Fiddling Championship, the first woman to win the Mid-America Fiddle Championship, and is a member of the Mid-America Old-Time Fiddler’s Hall of Fame.

    Didier François

  • da pacem Domino

  • Utför

      Didier François, after a long journey of violin studies in the classical and jazz world Didier has now been playing nyckelharpa for almost 20 years. He developed his own technique of relaxed playing and fluid movements to avoid tendinitis and for the beauty of the sound and he specializes in playing in a polyphonic way. Currently, he is writing a book "Holistic Polyphony" on this experience.
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Enrico Melozzi

  • Tokio

Enrico Melozzi, born in Teramo in 1977, grew up with a strong passion for music and athletic. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was his personal idol. In 1977, he starts a professional partnership with Michael Riessler; that's how he approaches the contemporary music scene and starts to collaborate with a lot of important musicians. Until 2011, he composed more then 10 movie and 40 short-movie soundtracks. 

Eva-Maria Rusche

  • sirvana

Eva-Maria Rusche, was born in 1982 in Tübingen, Germany, and studied church music, organ and historic keyboard instruments in Lübeck, Wien and Stuttgart. Her teachers included Hans-Jürgen Schnoor, Michael Radulescu, Jürgen Essl, Arvid Gast, Franz Danksagmüller, Gordon Murray and Jon Laukvik. She attended several international masterclasses and was assistant teacher for harpsichord and ornamentation at Musikhochschule Stuttgart. From 2009 to 2011 she was organist and church musician in Konstanz and is currently teaching piano, organ and harpsichord at Musikschule Konstanz. She is performing as soloist, continuo player, chamber musician and with ensembles on various keyboard instruments.

Jean Claude Canonne

  • nyckelordi

    Jean Claude Canonnelearned piano at the age of 4 to 6 years, violin up to the age of 15 and during 10 years classical guitar as an autodidact (Fernando Sor method), though with limited time for music - only after his professional activities (35 years as physiotherapist). But he always was interested to play traditional musical instruments as small pipes, hurdy-gurdy, Hungarian zither. Once retired, he visited the exhibition at the “Rencontre des luthiers et maîtres sonneurs” at St Chartier and discovered the nyckelharpa with Jean Claude Condi. He developed a total enthusiasm for this instrument and decided to play classical and baroque music. Jean Claude is a music-lover, no diplomas, no music CD but simply with the pleasure to play music.

Jean-Pierre Vial

  • Corale "Vor Johann Sebastian, tret ich hiermit"

Jean-Pierre Vial, French, born in 1946, former software designer. At an early age he learned the piano, the organ, and he composed several pieces for both instruments. Now he creates scores and audio mockups using computer resources. Jean-Pierre Vial's tunes now represent about 650 pages and 5 hours of music. During the last 18 months, Jean-Pierre Vial has composed various « miniatures » (i.e., oneminute pieces), some of which were performed in New-York, Appleton (USA) and Tel-Aviv (ISR). and related web pages.

Jenny Demaret

  • Polska des Sources

Jenny Demaret, is a musician specialized in folk music with fiddle and nyckelharpa. She started to learn the fiddle by herself at the age of 20 with traditional folk music from France and Ireland. 2008, she discovered Swedish music and the keyed fiddle and it changed her life. She spent one year in Sweden in Birka Folkhögskola and Erik Sahlström Institut. Since 2012, she is working fulltime teaching and performing as a musician with Duo Varsågod, Cactus, MoussaKintet et al.

Jonathan Wanneby

  • Preludium in F-major

  • The Serra of Visoins

Jonathan Wanneby, was born in Swedish province of Småland in 1991. He started to play music at the age of 14. His first instrument was an electric-guitar and he was very much interested in the metal genre. After finishing a highschool with the alignment for music he moved to the island Gotland to study for two years acoustic-guitar and nyckelharpa in a so called “Folk High School”. He just finish another year studying nyckelharpa at the Eric Sahlström Institut. Now his next goal is to study nyckelharpa at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm to become a musician, teacher and composer.

Jule Bauer

      Jule Bauer, Jule was the first graduate of the “European Nyckelharpa Training”. She studied singing, musicology and music pedagogy. She performs with many ensembles all around Europe. Being teacher for music since 2003 she is now about to publish a nyckelharpa manual for beginners.

Marco Ambrosini

  • Janicar super Ambarabaccicciccoccò

    Marco Ambrosini, Italian living in Germany, artistic director of this workshop. He was violinist and composer when he discovered the nyckelharpa in the 80s. He fell in love with it and made it his main instrument performing as soloist for early and contemporary music all over the world. He wrote a book of daily exercises for nyckelharpa players.
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Michael Riessler

  • Iterations

  • Michael Riessler, (Ulm, 1957) is a German composer and clarinetist. His career began at the side of the leading figures of contemporary music, such as John Cage and Steve Reich. In 1991 he sets up his first solo project. In 1992, he receives the rewards SWF Jazz Award and the German Record Review for the CD “Heloise”. Riessler worked as well as an interpreter together with composers and musicians of the classical Avantgarde like Mauricio Kagel, Vinko Globokar, Steve Reich, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Helmut Lachenmann, Dieter Schnebel or Michael Sell. His music is often influenced by the sounds of European ethnic music, in addition to contamination of medieval music and oriental music.

Ondřej Šárek

  • Suita pro Vendelínka

  • Ondřej Šárek, was born 1979in Brno in the Czech Republic, where he studied composition at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno and simultaneously musicology at Masaryk University in Brno. Now, he lives in Prague. He is composing for chamber ensembles, symphony orchestra and choir. He wrote three mini-operas, music for film, television, music for seven theater productions, folk and instrumental music for rock ensemble. His songs are played internationally and he won eleven awards at various competitions. In addition to composing, Ondrej Sarek plays the folk instruments. His specialty is the ukulele, concertina and diatonic accordion. For these instruments wrote and arranged over fifty books.

Pierrik Hardy

  • L'ELAN

  • Pierrik Hardy, composer, arranger, guitarist, clarinettist. Throughout his career, his music has been enriched by various influences as the classical repertoire, contemporary music, or traditional jazz, but also by the visual arts, literature ...
    Around his own universe that develops with other musicians or solo, he has participated in many projects as a guitarist and arranger, as a composer for orchestras, vocal ensembles, or for the theater and cinema.

Renzo Ruggiero

  • Foglie al vento

    Renzo Ruggiero, Italian living in Spain. It was Renzo who first asked for a European Nyckelharpa Training, thus starting the European Nyckelharpa Cooperation. For many years he studied as a multiinstrumentalist musical repertory from Middle Ages to the present day including Italian and Mediterranean popular traditions and touring with various bands in Italy and abroad.

Roberto Gardelli


    Roberto Gardelli was born in Forlì in 1957. He studied piano and composition at the Liceo Musicale “Angelo Masini” in Forlì with Alessandro Ardizzoni. He was student of the project "Composing for film and television image" organized by the Research and Experimentation Centre for Musical Education (CRSDM) at the Music School of Fiesole, in 1999 with M° Ennio Morricone and in 2000 with M° Franco Piersanti. He achieved a diplom for composition at the Conservatory "Bruno Maderna" in Cesena. Since 2009, he participated in the European Nyckelharpa Training in Italy.

Ron Winkler

  • Zwischen den Jahren

    Ron Winkler, I started playing music in 1982, trying to play the guitar. Since then I teached myself playing several fretted instruments, like the mandolin, ukulele and banjo.
    In the middle of the 1990s i discovered the hurdy-gurdy and in 2000 I became a student of Silke Reichmann de Salas, a wellknown musician in Germany.
    This was followed by first compositions for hurdy-gurdy and since 2008 I am teaching the hurdygurdy at weekend-workshops all over Germany and as private teacher of up to 10 students. In 2010 I started to play the nyckelharpa and was participant of the European Nyckelharpa Education at Castle Burg Fürsteneck and I arranged some of my compositions for playing it on this fantastic instrument. Unfortunately I had to stop playing the nyckelharpa for health reasons in 2012, so I found my way back to the hurdy-gurdy and continue my musical doing as a hurdy-gurdy-man. :)

Vicki Swan

  • Fnyka polskan

  • Sunrise Over the Candlestick

      Vicki Swan, graduated from the Royal College of Music on double bass, specialising in performance. Well known on the British folk scene she is a full time folk musician performing on nyckelharpa, bagpipes and singing. Being half Swedish the nyckelharpa was a natural choice to add to her armory of instruments and is now leading the development of the nyckelharpa in Great Britain with her UK Nyckelharpa Project and spearheaded the newly formed UK Nyckelharpa Society. In addition to various duo recordings Vicki has recently published the ‘British Session Tunes for Nyckelharpa’ and also a book of Duets in the Swedish Style. Vicki also has a masters in Education (specialising in distance tuition on the Scottish smallpipes) and composes and arranges music for the nyckelharpa and other ensembles.