Certified Graduates

The following certified graduates agreed to be contacted by persons interested in the training. They also offer private lessons.

  • Jule Bauer (Germany)

  • Jule was the first graduate of the “European Nyckelharpa Training”. She is now one of our regular teachers. See more here.

  • Corrado Bungaro (Italy)

  • Musician, composer, teacher. Corrado dedicates himself professionally to the creation, organization and direction of cultural events. He performs in Italy and abroad taking part in various musical projects including jazz, popular, classical, world music and experimental contemporary music.
    www.myspace.com/corradobungaro and www.arte20.eu

  • Boris Koller (Austria/Germany)

  • A classical composer, with great passion for Scandinavian folk music traditions. He plays three-row, especially four-row nyckelharpa, but also kontrabasharpa. He loves quarter-tones.

  • Johannes Mayr (Germany)

  • Musician, trained organ builder, professional nyckelharpa builder.

  • Caterina Other (Germany)

  • The Nyckelharpa is her key to happiness. She loves to play in ensembles: strömkarlen.de, tworna.de, NyckelharpaTrio, Fröken Schultze and projekts: bachTransparent, Encore, 64stringsQuartett- Folk- and early musik and bridging all. Her matter of the heart is teaching in Workshops.

  • Renzo Ruggiero (Italy/Spain)

  • It was Renzo who first asked for a European Nyckelharpa Training, thus bringing our institutes in contact. For many years he studied as a multiinstrumentalist musical repertory from Middle Ages to the present day including Italian and Mediterranean popular traditions and touring with various bands in Italy and abroad.

  • Inka Haak (Germany) 

  • likes musical experiments with her Nyckelharpa and loves groovy folk rhythms. She composes for ensembles and Solo-Nyckelharpa.
    You can contact her on www.musiker-sucht-musiker.de

  • Iris Meyer (Germany)

Iris performs early music with the ensembles angli clamant and Tricotea.